About the book

This harrowing and compelling story told through the words of mothers Julie & Marilyn tell of their struggle to get their sons off heroin.

Against the backdrop of the 1990’s and uneducated about drugs, the story highlights that addiction can happen to the best of families.

Powerful and hard hitting this must read is a stark warning for young people and parents. With no sugar coating our story will draw you in to an unsavoury world with glimpses of humour, and family origins, however most certainly a message not to be ignored.

The book contains two stories – Julie’s story the mother of Scott and Marilyn’s story the mother of Stephen. Sadly, Marilyn has since passed on, her story is told through her daughters Michelle & Sarah Cowell.

Two teenage boys took a wrong turn. Our book gives out a clear message and tells the truth about drugs, and how they will destroy a young person’s life, and effect the whole family. Addiction is a family disease. 

Tenacity is an education tool. Once on that roller coaster it is extremely difficult to step away from.

We want this story to be read by parents and young people. If after reading through these gritty and emotional pages, makes the difference between using drugs or making that informed and positive choice not to walk down that path. Then we have achieved our goal.

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