We are launching Tenacity Retreat

One of the authors of Tenacity, Julie Rose, has teamed up with UK and Bulgarian property investor Ben Larsen to back Ben’s free two-week stay at his retreat in Bulgaria, for people that want help with recovering from addiction, depression or just overall wellbeing.

Ben and Julie have a passion for helping young people fight drug addiction. There are a lot of people struggling right now, especially due to the corona virus and lockdowns. We can help with some of these issues such as trying to recover from drug addiction, depression and aim to improve wellbeing.

Ben has stepped forward to offer up to two free placements for two weeks in Bulgaria as part of a recovery program and retreat. The location is set close to the Radopi mountains and nearby skiing resort. Essential facilities are nearby.

Activities involve white water rafting, biking, swimming, yoga, spa, rock climbing and workouts in the gym. A life coach is on board. A healthy diet is also on the menu, using fresh ingredients organically grown within this beautiful natural environment. Accommodation and activities are free, also transfer from the airport is included.

After many years of hard work and personal tragedy Tenacity was born. The story, told through the words of the mothers of two young men, Scott and Stephen highlights the enormous struggle, not only of what the addict goes through, but the whole family. It’s a proven fact that one of the main triggers for relapse is returning to the same place of using and re-engaging in the old lifestyles. This is the main reason for relapse.

Ben said it’s time to look at addiction and these issues through a different lens, as we believe they are all linked. If you need to reconnect and find purpose the Retreat is for you. Healthy body equals healthy mind.

An environmental change is what’s needed to reprogram the mindset and experience a new beginning that feeds body and soul. Addiction is a comfort zone, but a very harmful one, therefore the circle just continues. We believe a completely new environment is one of the keys to reinventing the individual. At the end of the day we will also hold group talks and share experiences.

The two weeks are free, all in except for the flight to Bulgaria. (Restrictions may apply due to Covid at present). Ben will be there to greet you. If an individual wants to engage for a longer period, there would be a cost at a budget price. Please note this opportunity does not include a detox programme.

We both have a common aim:

Statistically, the rate of fatal overdose is high due to the recovering addict completing a rehab program and returning to the same environment where they used drugs. The tolerance in the body is low due to abstaining from drugs, especially opiates. It is an extremely dangerous period for that individual, and they are at high risk of using again. That is why we believe it is important to step out of those familiar surroundings, known as triggers. Our retreat program is designed to reset physically to become stronger mentally.


Mountain biking


Climbing wall

Zip line



Paddle boarding








Daily routine

GOALS: physically fit = mentally fit

  • Wake up at 7am
  • Swim or gym (we will alternate each morning with swim or gym before breakfast)
  • Breakfast
  • Choice of coffee on terrace or in conference room to choose day’s activities
  • Share thoughts / goals of achievement
  • Diet requirements set out so everyone is eating healthy/correctly (NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED)
  • Mid-morning head off to chosen activity
  • Lunch at 1pm either back at our restaurant or up mountain/group bbq
  • Afternoon: team building trip to various locations of interest so everyone can interact
  • 1 – 1 Gym / training available

We aim to bring people out of the darkness into the light


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